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Why PVC?

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Why PVC?

The world we live in today is in a very delicate position, with global warming and deforestation increasing our risks of survival.
The fact that wood is a highly sought after raw material for usage in doors and furniture, this happens as wood/ply is considered superior to other materials in terms of usage life and finished appeal.

PVC is the second highly used form of polymer on the planet, second only to Polyethylene; PE is being regulated worldwide due to its high content of petroleum compound. PVC on the other hand is an Organohalogen compound formed using electrolysed salt water with Petroleum being used more as a bonding and flexibility inducing agent, this hence makes PVC the most robust and environment friendly raw material amongst all its substitutes.

The future lies with PVC based panels as can be seen in the current market where the prices of PVC and WPC panels have surpassed that of plywood due to their superior quality, flexibility and immunity from natural elements like damp, termites, degradation.etc

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Why Raunaq PVC?

The Raunaq group has 30 years of experience in manufacturing and developing rigid PVC panels using the most advanced technologies available from Europe and Asia.

The company has the largest production capacity of its kind in India and has always been blurring the line between finished plywood and PVC.

Through the years of hardship and learning we have been able to develop state of the art finished for our PVC panels using multiple in house surface finish technology and have bought our product finish to replicate that of any wood, marble or metal finish.

Giving immense flexibility & ease in interior application, reducing costs to a fraction and also making a significant impact towards a cleaner greener planet.