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About Us

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Pioneer in PVC & Polymer products

Raunaq Group was founded in 1987, after 34 glorious years it has established itself as a pioneer in Polymer products. We’ve been persevering to innovate and develop new PVC products, designed to deliver promising lifestyle.

We setup our own manufacturing unit in the year 2002, developing our own product range and associate network with a vision to establish extruded PVC profiles as a legitimate alternate to plywood instead of a low cost substitute which is used only for bathroom doors.

Starting as small trading firm, we evolved into one of India’s largest manufacturers of PVC panels/profiles from our state of the art manufacturing plant and OEM’s. Our focus found more ground to capture, from catering to cost effective markets for PVC doors to creating a market for PVC interior panels and furniture panels as well. Our product range is available through our ever-expanding B2B Dealer/Distributor network.

In the year 2006, the Group was the first to introduce Door Combos and 21” (535mm) wide Single Panel profile which revolutionised the concept of PVC Doors and changed the dynamics for the same in India. Our Copyright colours, designs and current market position have rightly reflected our fundamentals that maintaining Product Quality, Fair Pricing and Policy are of utmost importance.

The group also manufactures up to 6 Layered (Excelia) Water Tanks and ISI marked tanks which are approved by all Govt departments like CPWD, MES and PWD(WB).

In our state of the art plant in Bengal, the Raunaq Group was also the first in India to introduce the Technology of: –

  • Digital Laser (Hot Stamping) printing technology for PVC profiles
  • Membrane (Veneer finish) PVC Door, brought by RAUNAQ group
  • Heavy PVC Doors for a more up market segment
  • 6 Layer EXCELIA Water tanks.
You Can Trust Us

Our Infrastructure

The company management has over 3 decades of experience in manufacturing and selling PVC profiles and LLDPE water tanks, we have been able to source technology and materials from all over the world and have set up an amalgamated process of combining all the technology aiding our production process better, offering a unique product with no compromises.

Raunaq offers a pleathora of profiles, suiting all segments of the Indian market, we have introduced many sub-brands to classify products based on their surface finish and specifications, in descending order ULTIMA, EXCELIA, PRIME, DIGITAL, COSMIC, TIPS AND ECO Raunaq also offers the maximum number of colours and finishes available in the Indian market.

RAUNAQ Tanks are also available in maximum ranges from Double layers to Six layers including ISI marked and various government departments like PWD, CPWD approved.

Production capacity of

Tons per annum

Fabrication facility of

Sets of Readymade PVC Doors per annum.

Production system and facility at plant

The Raunaq group has the following types of Polymer Molding and processing systems in india

Extrusion Moulding

The 2nd best technology in terms of tons used in India in Polymer Molding and processing industry. Our decades of experience and extrusion technology that has been sourced from professionals all over the world.


The World’s best technology in Water tank and Utility products. We offer bi-axle and rock and roll rotomolding


For in house supervised mixture of the raw material blend.

Ready Made Doors

The group has a Door fabrication facility in its state of the art plant and is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of Readymade Doors.

Printing & Stamping

We do UV printing, Vinyl printing & pasting, Multicolor Servo printing, Foil transfer technology as well as on-line & off-line hot stamping, all in house for complete process control.

Serving you better

Some of the advantages and benefits we've worked on over time and our customers can enjoy the same.


The 2nd best technology in terms of tons used in India in Polymer Moulding & processing industry. Well powered R&D centre.


RAUNAQ Group produces largest range of PVC Profiles in India, for Door & Frame, Wall Panel, False Ceiling, Highlighters etc.


Shipment within72 hours of order placement.


34 yearsof experience.


Dedicatedmanufacturing facility.


Make in Indiascheme / promotion.

Our Journey